Ordering Information

About 45s:

Please Note: As of April 28, 2017, we are reorganizing all of our 45s.  We will post a complete list of the 45s available for sale in early 2018; please be patient with us until that time.

How to Order:

Phone orders from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday.

Fax We do still accept Fax orders but Please call our Phone number first and let us know that you want to place a Fax order. Our Phone number is 410-945-8900.

Mail orders to: A-1 Jukebox & Nostalgia, Inc.  208 S. Pulaski Street  Suite 4J  Baltimore, MD  21223-2952. Email orders to: mail@jukeboxusa.com and please include your ship-to address and phone numbers so we can contact you, by phone, if necessary.

Visit our warehouse In Person. Please call us in advance for directions. We enjoy meeting our customers.

Before calling to place your order:

Know the Make and Model number of your Jukebox. The serial number of a Jukebox usually means nothing to us parts guys The Make and Model number plate is always located on the back of the Jukebox unless someone has removed it. Also, know the model number of the Amplifier and the Wired Selection Receiver or other unit that you will be inquiring about. Component parts of some Jukeboxes are interchangeable; however, they are never exactly alike, (If you need parts or service for a component part of your Jukebox we will need to know the specific model number of the component part before we will be able help you).

When ordering replacement needles, (Styli), try to establish if the Cartridge, that holds the needle(s), is the original cartridge or a replacement. In most cases the cartridge will have some identifying characteristics on it. If you cannot identify the cartridge type, we request that you remove the needle and copy the shape of the needle on a copier. Then email or mail the copy to us. What works even better is if you have a digital camera, take a digital picture of the cartridge and needle and email the picture to us, (If using a digital camera, it is not necessary to remove the needle from the cartridge).

Privacy and Security:  The information that we have on file for our customers is held in the strictest confidence. We do not and will not sell or pass any customer private information to anyone at any time for any reason!

Shipping:  We always check for the most reasonable rate for shipping EVERY order. The two carriers that we ship through are the US Postal Service and UPS.

Shipping charges:  We do not require a minimum order amount, however, due to constantly rising costs, effective April 10, 2017: Our shipping charge is $9.00 per order for ALL orders weighing up to one pound.  For ALL orders weighing over one pound, we add actual shipping charges to your order. There are three exceptions to this policy: (1) Some of the items in our catalog require additional pre-packaging because they are extremely fragile. (2) In some cases, an item is larger than normal carrier size for standard packages. If an item requires an additional packaging and shipping charge, that charge is indicated next to the catalog description for that particular item.  (3) ALL orders shipped to countries outside the United States please add 10 additional US dollars to your shipping charge for completion of all of the paperwork associated with international shipments and please note: We personally take each international shipment to the post office. If C.O.D. delivery is requested: A fee of $15.00 will be added to the regular shipping charges, to cover postal fees. We ship C.O.D. within the United States only.

Upon receiving your order:  We strongly recommend that you open your package(s) immediately to ensure that each item has been shipped correctly as per your order and to ensure that your order has not been damaged during shipping. If any item(s) has been damaged, please contact the carrier and file a claim with them, (The US Postal Service or UPS, whichever one carried the package to your location).

Payment:  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Paypal, Business & Personal Checks, (with sufficient funds and paid through a USA bank in U.S. dollars), Money Orders, C.O.D. Orders and of course Cash.

Catalog prices:  Our current prices will remain the same until, for reasons beyond our control; our “cost of goods” prices increase. Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice. We will do our best to keep our retail prices as affordable as possible, (This is our personal promise to all of our customers).

Volume Discounts:  Volume discounts are available to anyone as follows:  Purchase $500.00 or more deduct 5%;  $1,000.00 or more deduct 10%;  $1,500.00 or more deduct 15%;  $3,000.00 or more deduct 20%.

Volume discounts do not apply to shipping and handling charges, items currently on sale, original jukebox parts and items in the catalog that are marked NO DISCOUNT or Not Discountable.

No hassle return Policy:  If there is ever a problem with any item that you receive from us, please let us know as soon as possible so we can correct the problem to your satisfaction.  Returns are a very rare occasion at A-1 Jukebox & Nostalgia; however, if you ever want to return an item, please include a copy of the original invoice with the return.