Jukebox Information

Before You Plug It In

When you first acquire a jukebox, any year, any make, any model, here are a few things that must be done before you plug it in:

  1. Inspect all of the Fuses: Remove, inspect, (replace if blown or reinstall if good), each of the Fuses. Do this one fuse at a time. Make sure that the Amperes of each fuse and the type, such as: AGC, Slo-Blo, MDL, etc., is the precise rating or (Amps.), and the precise type that is printed on the chassis next to each fuse holder.
  2. For ALL Seeburg Wired Selection Receivers in models M100A, M100B, M100BL, M100C, HF100G, 100W, HF100R, 100J and 100JL if wall boxes, (Diner booth selector units), such as 3W-1, etc. are not going to be used, locate or have a jukebox technician locate the 5 Mfd. @ 300 volts capacitor, (This capacitor is attached to the underside of the chassis and it is covered with tin. It measures 1½” by 1½” by 4” long). At the connector to the capacitor please do the following: Clip the red wire that is going from the transformer and crimp a cap on it or cover it and secure it, somehow, so that it   does short or come in contact with other parts in the WSR circuit. Also, clip one of the other two wires that is connected to that capacitor crimp a cap on it or cover it and secure it, too, so that it does short or come in contact with other parts in the WSR circuit.  This procedure not only takes that old, original, capacitor out of the circuit but it will help to keep the transformer from being destroyed. If wall boxes are going to be used, be sure to replace this capacitor with a fresh, new one. We have this capacitor, in stock. It is A-1 Part # 92-025. By the way: Replacement transformers, for the WSR’s, are approximately $200.00, when you can find them, (They are becoming very hard to find).
  3. For Seeburg’s: “SOME” Amplifiers, Receivers, Selector Units, Control Centers and other components are interchangeable. In other words: It is possible for a Seeburg Jukebox to have a different “Component Part Model Number” than is listed in the Service and Parts manual. If you have any questions about this, Please give us a call or send us an Email.