Parts & Service Information

Know the Make and Model number of your Jukebox. The serial number of a Jukebox usually means nothing to us parts guys The Make and Model number plate is always located on the back of the Jukebox unless someone has removed it. Also, know the model number of the Amplifier and the Wired Selection Receiver or other unit that you will be inquiring about. Component parts of some Jukeboxes are interchangeable; however, they are never exactly alike, (If you need parts or service for a component part of your Jukebox we will need to know the specific model number of the component part before we will be able help you).

When ordering replacement needles, (Styli), try to establish if the Cartridge, that holds the needle(s), is the original cartridge or a replacement. In most cases the cartridge will have some identifying characteristics on it. If you cannot identify the cartridge type, we request that you remove the needle and copy the shape of the needle on a copier. Then email or mail the copy to us. What works even better is if you have a digital camera, take a digital picture of the cartridge and needle and email the picture to us, (If using a digital camera, it is not necessary to remove the needle from the cartridge).